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Blue Colt’s Hard Defeat Against Essex

By quovadis October 25, 2017

The Blue Colts Men’s Soccer team lost against Essex County College on Tuesday, Sept. 5. Head Coach Zizo Sherif had many expectations before the game began. Since their last victory against Rockland Community College, Blue Colts won 3-2, the entire team was confident that there would be another win. However, Essex dominated the first half with a score of 3-1. According to Sherif, many of his players were just not communicating properly while some players were starting...

Men’s Basketball Holds Team Meeting

By quovadis October 25, 2017

The Blue Colts Men’s Basketball team held a Team Meeting at the Physical Education Center on campus on Sept. 6. Returning players from last year’s team, new recruits, and coaches were at the meeting. The whole purpose of the meeting was for the players and coaches to get to know each other along with preparing for the upcoming season later in the fall. The most notable players at the meeting were Darius Valencia, Jamarr “Marz” Joseph, Jaquan...