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Car Hits Pedestrian on Campus

By Alexander Lewis
Head Social Media Editor

A car going 10-15 mph hit a pedestrian on the road near parking lot 8 on the Edison campus on Feb. 7 at 5:43 p.m.

Witness and Quo Vadis Staff Writer, Harsh Godhani, said, “I was walking across the street … when I heard the bang I thought it was a fender bender but when I looked up I saw an umbrella and a person flying in the air and hitting the ground and then the person slid on the road for about 10-15 feet before stopping.”

Godhani said, “The driver and I approached him and we helped him get off the road and into the grass and then I called campus police while the driver pulled his car over and tried to help out the injured person.”

“He [the pedestrian] was a bit in shock and had injuries to his head, elbow, hands and knees,” said Godhani, “His head lacerations looked the worst and campus police thought he needed a head CT to determine his injuries so they called an ambulance and he was taken to Robert Wood Johnson Hospital.”

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