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Can Science Become God?

By Sanjana Butala, Staff Writer,

The definition of God has a very broad spectrum. God can be defined differently in terms of faith and science. Faith defines God as an omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent being. For science, it is basically the energy that sparked the universe. God is subjective to different perspectives and exists to elucidate what science cannot. As long as science cannot justify certain phenomena, God will continue to exist, and as long as God exists, science cannot become God.

Humans are limited by time, mortality and space. The part of the universe we live in is like a fish in a black bag. It will explore solely the realm it is restricted to. Yet, there is an unlimited stretch of knowledge lying outside the bag. The fish can neither experience it or see it. The same goes with  science in the capacity of humans. We are restrained by this ‘observable universe’ that surrounds us, and we cannot escape its quarantine.

Popular theories assert the expansion of the universe. This creates an opinion that knowledge is infinite and will keep growing. As much as science maneuvers towards acquiring all of it, the more it will grow. Science has been progressing at phenomenal rates, yet as our universe expands, so does its database of knowledge. The more questions we solve, the more questions will arise.

Science works on the principle of addition or replacement of knowledge to the original database that it has engineered over the years. This principle governs today’s search engines as well. These are software preprogrammed by us and therefore limited by a mortal’s capabilities. Even if search engines became artificially intelligent, they could not surpass the ambit of science. Artificial intelligence, too, is a part of this ‘observable universe’ that limits science — probably a larger pot than the human pot, but both in the same bucket. It may be more advanced than humans, yet it cannot reach the ultimate position of God.

In addition, the ‘perfect search engine’ will simply use the database of science to answer all our questions. If science cannot answer these questions, it is very unlikely that a search engine will be able to. Even future search engines that work on better technologies cannot explore all the knowledge in creation, simply because this knowledge has no ascertained boundary. They will have their own predicaments indeterminate today. 

In general, science observes and then explains. At times, it may predict certain occurrences, but predictions cannot be considered to be the intelligence acquired by science, unless strong evidence supports it. Besides, science makes estimates on the basis of several factors. Discerning factors in unknown realms is very improbable.  Hence, unless science observes phenomenon, it cannot accurately predict it either.

Science is based on strict methodology, which is an unending process due to the immense quantity of knowledge there is to explore. If we were placed on a number line extending from zero to infinity, the more we moved towards infinity the more our knowledge would tend towards zero. The universe is constantly experiencing, adapting and evolving. Hence, it is generating a vast amount of information at a speed much more rapid than our development. That is largely the rationale why God cannot be defined accurately by science because it is practically impossible to gauge or comprehend all this information at one particular instant to be contained in a being. As long as the definition of God stays obscure, the desire to become God will stay unaccomplished. Unless we have a defined destination, we cannot decide our path or embark on our journey.

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