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Brady is No GOAT

By Chris Place
 Managing Editor 

With Tom Brady winning his sixth super bowl, most fans will talk about how he hascemented his status in football as the greatest of all-time. This just doesn’t make any sense to me.
Sure, no other quarterback has six super bowls, but football is the ultimate team sport. That
means rings cannot define a player’s excellence.

In the 2019 playoffs, Brady threw two touchdowns and three interceptions in three
games. Those are awful stats, especially for someone who is commonly referred to as the
greatest. The reason the New England Patriots were able to win the super bowl is because of
their phenomenal defense.

You can argue that Brady was able to lead the Patriots’ offense to 38 points. However,
Brady only threw one touchdown for the game. The biggest takeaway from his performance is
that he threw a game-ending interception that was negated by a penalty, which had nothing to do
with the play. Had that penalty not happened, he would have finished the game with three

This has been a common theme throughout Brady’s career. One play defines his course
of history. Whether it be Tuck Rule in 2001, Malcolm Butler’s interception in 2015, or Julian
Edelman’s catch in 2017; Brady always gets bailed out.

Now, you can argue in the Super Bowls against the New York Giants, things didn’t go
his way. I would argue back: what did Brady do to win those games? In Super Bowl XLII, hemanaged to put up 14 points. In Super Bowl XLVI, he led his offense to 17 points. Do those stats
resemble someone who is referred to as the greatest? I don’t think so.

In Super Bowl LIII, the Patriots beat the Los Angeles Rams 13-3. The so-called greatest
only put up 13 points. This is the third time in his career where he’s led his offense to less than
20 points in the big game. To put that into context, Aaron Rodgers has never had less than 20
points in playoff game. Yet, he’s left with just one championship. If that doesn’t prove how
lucky Brady is, I don’t know what will.

The talk of Brady being the greatest isn’t going to be put to rest anytime soon. With Bill
Belichick still being the head coach of the Patriots, Brady has the chance to win seven or eight
Super Bowls. He can win as many Super Bowls as he wants, but that won’t change the way I
view him.

The title of the best to ever play the game of football should be given to the likes of
Rodgers, Drew Brees, Dan Marino, or Peyton Manning. For the Brady hype to stop, fans need to
realize rings don’t equal excellence. If it did, the other guys I mentioned would have six super
bowls, as well. This isn’t to say he shouldn’t make it to the Hall of Fame and doesn’t deserve any
credit for his success. I just want fans to open their eyes and realize that the greatest of all-time
title doesn’t belong to Brady, and it’s not even close.

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