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‘Bird Box’ Leaves Viewers Wanting More

By: Jade Borges, Managing Editor

“Bird Box”, a Netflix original movie based on the 2014 novel of the same name, was
released on Dec. 13, 2018 and left many viewers disappointed. The post-apocalyptic thriller
follows the story of Mallorie, played by Sandra Bullock, who attempts to survive in a world
overtaken by supernatural entities which cause anyone who looks at them to commit suicide,
usually in a gruesome manner.

The film flashes between the day the entities begin to wreak havoc on the planet and
five years in the future, with Mallorie still fighting to survive alongside her two children. As the
characters, and audience, quickly learn, the only way to survive is to stay blindfolded outdoors
because one glance at the creatures is deadly. Five years in the future, Mallorie finds out about
a safe haven, but she must take a full days trip downstream with the children blindfolded, which
proves to be a dangerous feat. One, however, would be worth it if it is as safe as it is promised
to be.

The plot of the film seems to be enough to draw in sci-fi, post-apocalypse, and thriller
fans, however, the delivery of the film has left many with more questions than answers. The
two-hour film seemed to drag in many places, with unnecessary dialogue and scenes that did
not affect the plot, while still leaving many critical plot points unexplained. The film was also,
unfortunately, very unoriginal, sitting somewhere between the plots of “The Happening” and “A
Quiet Place.”

Viewers never find out what the supernatural beings are or where they came from. They
never find out why looking at them makes a person commit suicide. They also never find out
why the film is filled with so many plot holes.
If you have not already seen the highly overrated “Bird Box,” save two hours of your time
and watch one of the many other fantastic Netflix original movies.

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