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Benefit Cosmetics “BADgal BANG” Mascara Review

By Bridget Quimby
Staff Writer

“BADgal Bang” mascara is a 36-hour, long-wear, voluminizing” mascara that was released by Benefit Cosmetics on Feb. 1.

The outer space-themed mascara’s exclusive launch party intrigued beauty influencers and enthusiasts, as it was revealed to the makeup world between the stunning Amangiri rock formations in Utah. Many famous social media beauty gurus, such as James Charles and Nicol Concilio, attended the event and shared their amazing lash results with the world. This brought more attention to the aero-particle, gravity-defying mascara.

The product is made with Pro-Vitamin B5, and has a smudge-proof, water-resistant, pitch-black formula that creates intense volume without weighing down lashes. Benefit Cosmetics calls this their “out-of-this-world mascara” that uses space technology to prevent falling as aero-particles layer seamlessly to achieve bigger, “badder” lashes.The mascara comes in a black and pink packaging that flaunts its charming facts and customer results to persuade those in the market for some extra lash length. The packaging emphasizes that 90 percent of customers saw dramatic volume, 94 percent reported “an instant lash lift,” and 92 percent said the mascara lengthened their lashes.

The product itself is inside a soft-textured, matte black container with an edgy, studded screw-in handle. While opening the mascara I noticed that the brush itself is straight and much longer than competing mascara products; this allows better handling and the root-to-tip reach that fulfills massive volume, length and curl. The short, spiky, plastic bristles ensure that the wand will distribute mascara from bottom to top, corner to corner and the flexible brush makes it that much easier to apply. The mascara is made of lightweight material but is very thick so one will most likely only need to dip it into the tube once.

“BADgal BANG” comes in its full 0.3 ounce size and is up for purchase on the Benefit Cosmetics website for $24. It is also available in a travel mini 0.14 ounce size for $12. The mascara can be purchased online on the Benefit Cosmetics website or in stores at Sephora or Ulta.

What made this mascara stand out to me among the others on the market was not only its incredible feedback, but also that its special formula helps natural lashes to grow longer and stronger. Also, most mascaras have a very powerful and overwhelming scent to them and this one did not. It has a slight scent of coconut which is inviting and much less likely to cause watery eyes when applied. “BADgal BANG” was introduced as out-of-this-world and it has truly lived up to its hype. This mascara has a very special place in both my heart and my makeup bag.

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