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Beer Industry Tries to be Eco-Friendly

By Bridget Quimby 
 Managing Editor

Now that the Super Bowl has come and gone and the football fans have either won or lost their bets, let’s get down to the real reason we all watch the Super Bowl– the commercials. The Super Bowl is basically the only time people enjoy commercials break. Have you noticed a pattern in the beer advertisements this year? Many companies in general are moving toward more sustainable options that are less damaging to the environment.

More often now that climate change is in full affect, consumers are searching for ways to live a health-driven, sustainable lifestyle. Bringing reusable bags to the store and paying attention to the production of our food are simple ways consumers are showing their environmental awareness. There are ways to live an eco-friendly lifestyle even when you just want to “crack open a cold one with the boys.” Yes, major beer companies like Budweiser and Michelob Ultra have geared toward ecological ways to produce their brew. Budweiser is known for their notorious Clydesdale horse and buggy themed commercials and are featured during the Super Bowl every year.

This year, however, they had a surprisingly eco-friendly twist. After a close up of an adorable dalmatian and the famous horse drawn carriage, the camera pans out to massive windmills with the message “Now Brewed with Wind Power.” When I saw this commercial, I was so happy to see that a well-known, American-made beer company is ecologically conscientious and striving for a better future. Brewing off clean and renewable energy will rub off on other major brands and people will feel better about their drink of choice. Researchers say that there is only a 15-year window to reverse major environmental deterioration or else the earth as we know will change forever.

Many small craft breweries have kick started their ecological contributions by powering their locations with solar panels, delivering beer by bike, and inventing safe packaging. Although they were not featured in the Super Bowl, a saltwater brewery in Florida is well worth the mention. They have developed a biodegradable six-pack rings made from barley that replaces plastic and is edible for sea life. Another major brand that promoted a better lifestyle is Michelob Ultra.

The commercial captured very natural, earthly elements like rushing water and luscious, green valleys, then snaps to an image of actress Zoe Kravitz sitting at a table in the mountains. She pops open a bottle of Michelob Ultra in front of an ASMR microphone and ends the commercial with saying “beer in its organic form” Michelob Ultra Pure Gold is now United States Department of Agriculture Organic. The beer industry is making a steady effort appealing to its customers and brewing for a better tomorrow. Maybe one day we will live on a planet that is cared for in the way that it cares for us.

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