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Beats Provide Quality Listening Experience

Sebastian Casado

Music is something I can’t live without; it is something that fuels me throughout the day. Listening to music puts a beat to my step and gives me the energy I need to face the day. Now, I obviously can’t listen to music without headphones. A phenomenal pair of headphones are the Beats Solo3 sold by Apple. 

The Beats Solo3 are wireless headphones that have fantastic sound and a smooth texture and design. They are $199 on the Apple website or in store, although I do not advise entering any Apple store at the moment. There are six colors to choose from: black, rose gold, satin silver, satin gold, red and purple. My Beats were given to me for Christmas in 2017, and I’ve used them ever since.

The Beats Solo3 have fabulous sound and acoustics. You can just sit there and blast your music, and no one will bother you. It feels as if you have just cancelled the world and are focusing on whatever you are doing in that moment, be it working out or completing any kind of work. I find I do my best work when I am listening to music, and the way the Beats Solo3 are able to send you on a trip when you are listening to music is astonishing. I have the purple ones, and the first time I saw them in my hands, I fell in love. It is such a cool color to have. 

The battery life of these headphones is absolutely amazing, with a maximum of 40 hours of non-stop listening. These headphones also have Fast Fuel, which means that with only 5 minutes of charging, you are given three hours of listening. 

You can be on a road trip or on a plane without any worries that your Beats will die. My Beats have only died twice in three years. This was due to forgetting to plug them in when they were low on battery, but they were ready to be used again after only 5 minutes. I don’t really have any negative things to say about this product. These are a fantastic pair of headphones that I recommend to anyone who loves to listen to music, watch TV or watch YouTube for hours.

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