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It has been a year since I first got into virtual YouTubers (VTubers) as a whole, and a lot has changed in the landscape since then.

Kiryu Coco, a popular VTuber, was a part of “HoloLive’s” fourth generation graduated, also known as moved on, on July 1st, 2021.

I’ve also gotten myself into the Nijisanji branch of VTubers and indie VTubers. Nijisanji is another VTuber company adjacent to HoloLive Production, consisting of VTuber groups owned by a company called COVER Corp. 

There is something popular as VTuber companies themselves called independent VTubers, virtual YouTubers that work outside of a company.

Nijisanji got two groups that debuted and are part of their English branch called LazuLight and OBSYDIA. 

I’ve been watching LazuLight and OBSYDIA between May and July of 2021 and they are fun to watch.

A lot hasn’t changed within the VTuber space, but I definitely felt a change as I’ve gotten more used to everyone there.

I use a website called “HoloDex” to watch VTubers on and it’s convenient for you to use on there.

You favorite the VTubers you watch under the channels tab, and then you watch multiple VTubers you favorited on the MultiView tab if they’re live. 

There was one VTuber that I love watching that hit 3 million YouTube subscribers in July 2021, and her name is Gawr Gura.

Gawr Gura surpassed the “first” VTuber called Kizuna Ai who had the most subscribers around that time frame.

VTubers create original songs as promotion and there have been many good songs that they have made that came out within the last year. 

A VTuber calls leaving their job as one whether it’s independent or part of a company, in one simple word, “graduation.” Think of it as high school graduation in a sense, when you feel like it’s time to move on to have a better opportunity somewhere in life.

As one virtual YouTuber leaves a VTuber company, another VTuber comes into the scene that’s part of the same company that gets people enamored just by looking at them.

There will always be a good chance that a new virtual YouTuber or a new group of virtual YouTubers will enter the scene. 

A VTuber group that is part of HoloLive called the HoloLive English Council debuted in August 2021, and they had their debuts a week or two before Lyrica graduated.

VTubers come and go. You don’t know when they’ll graduate and you’ll be upset at one of your favorites graduating at first, whether they’re independent or part of a company. If you wait a tiny while, a new independent virtual YouTuber or a group that’s part of the company will come into the scene, and you’ll be enamored by them like you have with all the other virtual YouTubers.

This is like a rinse and repeat process in a way, you meet an independent VTuber or a group of VTubers that are part of a company, you get to know them and watch their streams, and then you get upset as they graduate.

I love this process as I know things don’t last forever. Even my time at the Quo Vadis might end at some point. As one door closes, another door opens. This world will always have opportunities for you even if they’re a form of escapism or you need a new or another job.

One year later, I still love watching virtual YouTubers and being a part of the Quo Vadis. Both have kept me sane during these uncertain times of COVID-19. 

Hi! My name is Jared Almanzor. I’m a part of the Middlesex College Newspaper called the Quo Vadis. I’m a Managing Editor, a Section Editor, and a Staff Writer. I primarily write reviews on different interests I like but I like to dabble now and again.

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