Victorian Detective Solves  Crimes With  Modern Technology

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"Murdoch Mysteries'' is a show about a detective in late 19th century Canada, solving crimes with technology that he considers modern and innovative. A former coworker introduced me to this show, but I didn't have a way to watch it when she recommended it. I described this show to my sister, and we found it on Netflix, so we decided to make plans to binge-watch "Murdoch Mysteries."

"Murdoch Mysteries" is a Canadian show which premiered in 2008. The plot comes from the novel "The Detective Murdoch Series," written by Maureen Jennings. There are currently 13 finished seasons, the 14th season premiered in January 2021. The show stars Yannick Bisson as Detective William Murdoch, Hélène Joy as Dr. Julia Ogden, Thomas Craig as Chief Inspector Thomas Brackenreid and Jonny Harris as Constable George Crabtree. This team of four, working in Station House Four, solve crimes using unconventional and scientific methods.

Besides loving the mystery aspects of the show, I thoroughly enjoy when historical elements are included into the storyline. As a period piece, this show does a fantastic job of capturing the prejudices and biases of the time, and dealing with sensitive issues, such as race, religion and politics. The show handles each topic with grace and puts things in perspective for today's viewers. 

 I also enjoy the role women play in this show. Ogden is a female pathologist who later starts to work with the living. One of the criticisms she often faces is, "Women are too emotional to do this." She always handles the objections though by showing why she is the best at what she does. I was especially pleased when the show got a Black doctor, indicating that representation matters.

On the show, Murdoch created such innovative inventions but never received any credit for them. What always made me laugh was that the inventions he made on this show were some we all know by a different name in real life. 

The show also puts faces to historical figures such as President Theodore Roosevelt, Nikola Tesla, Alexander Graham Bell and Helen Keller. Some of my favorite episodes include historical figures. 

Another significant aspect of this show is the comedic relief that Harris provides. His comedy background brings Crabtree to life as he puts his futuristic take on how the guilty party could have potentially committed the crime. 

"Murdoch Mysteries" provides a glimpse of the past by using historical events and figures to help solve the mystery. It provides a narrative of Murdoch seeing Ogden as his equal, which is refreshing to see. With humor, grace, mystery and innovative inventions of the late 19th century, "Murdoch Mysteries" is a binge-worthy show. 

"Murdoch Mysteries" is available on Amazon Prime Video.

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