“Deserve to Die” is a psychological thriller written by Miranda Rijks. It was released last summer. 

The book builds suspense and leaves you rooting against the villain the whole time. The story is told from two different perspectives. The novel offers the perspective of a woman named Sara and another named Tamara. Since these women are on opposite sides of the conflict, the reader gets to experience both sides of the war. Readers also know more than any other character in the book. This made me want to tell the characters important information that has disastrous consequences. 

My major complaint with the book is the slow pacing. Even though it is clear from the beginning that this is a slow burn, some chapters didn’t need to be there. If you had cut them out, the book would have worked just as well. As the book progresses, the pace slowly picks up, until the end becomes a sprint. This really brings out the emotion of the reader as the fast pace at the end gives more urgency than if the whole novel had moved at the same pace. 

My favorite part of the book is how much I   hate the villain. From the beginning, it is clear that the villain just wants to ruin the protagonist’s life and will do whatever it takes to achieve that goal. Knowing the villain’s intentions when the main characters don’t, makes me angry because when something goes wrong the antagonist avoids the blame. The character is so well-written and methodical, it is easy to imagine someone actually doing this in real life. 

Another aspect of the book that is written well is the main protagonist. The way the author approaches their character arc is unique. Instead of making it so the character knows what is going on, the main character is in the dark just as any other character throughout most of the book. This makes the antagonist more infuriating to me knowing the villain is getting away with their actions and the person being affected has any idea what is occurring.

The book is 282 pages long and published by Inkubator Books.

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