Stephen King Provides an Escape

A cover of "Storm of the Century"

When it comes to fiction novels that fall under the horror category, Stephen King is a name that has captivated many audiences for decades. His unique story plots and terrifying creatures have kept patrons curious about how the author could come up with such rare ideas. Out of all the books that he has written, one of his most underrated novels, “Storm of the Century,” is a book that kept me captivated from the moment I picked it up. 

This story takes place in Little Tall Island, Maine, and the citizens are getting ready for what they know will be the worst storm of the century. However, the snow is not the only terrifying event that they will encounter during this storm. After one of the town’s oldest residents suffers from a horrific death, strange events begin to occur as the storm unravels. A man with the ability to read and control minds is responsible for her death, and he causes more horrific deaths as he waits for the people to come and kill him. When they find him, he promises that he will stop, but they have to give him what he wants in return.   

I love this book because it is unlike any other Stephen King book that I have previously read. Many of his novels can be lengthy and hard to follow; however, this story is much easier to read. This book is actually written in the form of a script because it was to be transformed into a television show. Book lovers and moviegoers alike loved both the book and the television adaptation because they were so similar. Since it was written with the screen in mind, the reader can picture what Stephen King was thinking when he wrote this piece. The script is also not as detailed as his other works, making it more enjoyable for the reader. 

When many of Stephen King’s works got made into a movie or a television show, a lot of the content was lost. However, since this book was written for an adaptation to be made, it’s  similar to the television series. Whether you are someone who prefers books or movies, it is  easy to fall in love with both because so much of the content was carried over to the screen.

I find Stephen King’s novels intriguing because his ideas are so peculiar, and you know they are never going to happen. Yes, his books are terrifying, but you know a killer clown coming to hunt you down is probably not going to happen. However, this book provides more of a realistic feel that horror readers love. The aspect of a supernatural human is a little far-fetched, but a horrific storm that causes a whole island to be cut off from all civilization is not completely unrealistic. It caused a lot of the civilians on the island to turn on one another and  question everyone that they thought they knew. Out of all his works, this one left me the most terrified because it was the first one that made me feel like some of the events that happened could occur in real life. 

 This book provides the reader with an insight into a supernatural world that only Stephen King could so vividly portray, and it leaves you terrified yet wanting more. If you ever wish to distract yourself from your everyday life, I recommend reading this book. 

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