The Middlesex College Social Club is hosting a Halloween themed party at the college center cafeteria on Oct. 27 from 2 - 5 p.m. so students can enjoy quality time and make more friends at the college. 


The president of the club, Jay Mungale, said, “I started the club in 2018. The social club is a club to help people make new friends [...] and to converse and meet new people.”


Business major student, Mauricio Almorin, said, “I don’t have that many friends here. It would be nice to join a club that focuses on making friends and meeting new people.”


The club is run by Mungale and his executive board staff, which is composed of Vice President Maria Kocha, treasurer Lenny Rodriguez and Secretary Isata Sesay.


Usually about seven to eight people join the club.


When asking him what kind of activities the club offers Mungale said, “So we usually do a Halloween party. We wanted to do outings, but we haven't done them at all since covid happened.”


“We are currently planning an outing for the holidays. Like going to the fire department to see Santa or going to Holiday at the Park in Six Flags. If it snows [then] a snowball fight between Santa and the grinch. [Also] having the fire department bring Santa on a fire truck if it's on campus, or a game day on campus where we can give out candy canes.”


Almorin said, “I would be interested in attending some cool outdoor activities when the weather is nice but not too cold.”


The Halloween party is an event that will allow all students not part of the club to interact with others and make new acquaintances and friends. 


“So, everyone is going to come in dressed up with masks, costumes and makeup. A DJ will come to mix for three hours. There is going to be decorations, [and] I would like to give away a free Middlesex College shirt [for the winner of] best costumes and scariest costume. There will also be a few minutes performance for bhangra. [Lastly,] there's going to be pizza, soda and candy,” said Mungale.


The Halloween party is open to everyone who attends MC. 


“I just want people to come to the Halloween party and make it fun, and for everyone to show up dressed in their costume, masks, and makeup,” said Mungale.


For any more information about the Halloween party or the Social club please contact Jay Mungale at


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