Book Cover of “Turtles All the Way Down”

Book Cover of “Turtles All the Way Down”

When it comes to reading, I typically will read a book from any genre. I lean towards books that are more horror or thriller based, and I’ll read a romance novel I can fall in love with every once in a while. When it comes to reading romance novels, I read many Nora Roberts, Jenny Han, or my favorite, John Green. Green’s “Turtles All the Way Down,” is the most recent book of his that I’ve read, and it is probably one of my favorite books that I have ever read.

I often do not see the point because I already know what will happen, but this is one book that I will have no problem reading repeatedly. I didn’t know what it was about, but my expectations were low. I wanted to read it because everyone around me was reading it. So, I gave in, and I was pleasantly surprised. 

The book is about the main character, Aza, who is trying to deal with her thoughts that continue to spiral and seem to take over her life. While dealing with this, Aza and her best friend, Daisy, try to solve the mystery of what happened to their old friend’s father, Russell Pickett, after he disappears. However, as they try to find out what happened to Davis’s father, Aza ends up not only solving the mystery, but she also ends up seeing something in Davis that makes her forget about the cash prize for solving the disappearance of Russell Pickett. 

I love this book because it shows the importance of balance. Not only is Aza trying to balance the relationship between her best friend and her new boyfriend, but she also has to find a balance between living her life and taking care of her mental health. This book highlights the importance of living your life while navigating your life after dealing with trauma and a mental illness. The book sheds light on some mental health issues that are not talked about enough in the media, and it also helps the reader understand that they are not alone in dealing with these types of problems. 

The book also helps the reader see how individuals dealing with a mental illness navigate their world in romantic relationships and friendships. Green demonstrates how these problems that people deal with have a strong impact on their lives and how it is a constant battle for them. It allows people who may or may not be suffering from a mental illness to see why these individuals act the way they do, and it can help people be more understanding.

 This book has a nice balance between a thriller and a romance novel and allows the main character to be on a journey of self-worth and rediscovering herself. There were many aspects of this book that I didn't see coming, and it allowed me to keep guessing as the story continued. The book did not have the typical fairy tale ending, but it did have a lot of good advice and quotes that stuck with me as the reader. 

I enjoyed this book because it did not have a typical fairy tale ending. As I mentioned, the book had an ending that would leave the hopeless romantic upset, but it was real. It also made Aza have a strong heart and mind, and even though she had some difficulties to overcome in the end. It didn’t make her the typical heartbroken girl that needed to be saved in the end. Throughout the story, Aza was her own hero, and she ended up saving Davis, rather than the other way around. 

All in all, “Turtles All The Way Down'' is a book with romance and a thriller aspect, and it keeps the reader on the edge of their seat the entire time. It has so many life lessons that leave the reader thinking even after they finish the book.   

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