“Merry and Bright” book cover

”Merry and Bright” book cover

With every day that passes, I am getting more and more excited for Christmas. I am still reading my romance novels, and one of the books that I have recently read was called “Merry and Bright” by Debbie Macomber. 

This book is about a woman, Merry Knight, who has a very stressful life between her job at the law firm. Everything she has going on in her personal life is because she is trying to help them prepare for Christmas. Her mother and her brother decide to one day set her up a dating profile, where she quickly gets matched with a man who seems perfect. The catch is, neither of them happens to have their profile pictures up on their accounts, and they are going off of what they feel for each other. When they finally meet each other in person, they are surprised at the person looking back at them. 

I love the idea that love comes to you when you least expect it. I believe love needs to be cherished and not rushed. The more you look for it, the less of a chance to find you. Even though Merry was not looking for a relationship, and it was the last thing on her mind because she was so busy. However, her family decided to take it upon themselves to try and help her out, and she decided to put all of her trust and faith in them.  

I also loved that it spread the idea of love being something so much deeper than just the physical appearance. In my opinion, I am not a fan of online dating because that is all it is. You decide who you want to try and talk to based on what a person looks like in their picture. You don’t have a chance to get to know a person the way a successful relationship should have by both of these people choosing not to put up a profile picture. They are spreading the idea that there is so much more to love. Without seeing each other, they decided to take a chance on one another, and it ended up working out in their favor. 

The last aspect of this book that I love is that it reminds us of our connections with people that we may be overlooking. In many Christmas movies and romance novels, the characters end up being with someone that has been their friend for years. I don’t want to spoil it, but I think you know where I am going with this. Sometimes we tend to forget about the ones right in front of us because we feel like we always have to keep looking. However, we do not think about the fact that these friends have been in our lives for years, and if we give them a chance, we may be surprised at what we can find.

All in all, “Merry and Bright” by Debbie Macomber is a book that leaves the reader to rethink everything that they know about love and relationships. I love that this book digs deeper. It helps the reader know that they need to look for a deeper connection rather than superficial aspects that can change over time. 

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farnaaz khan

Sounds interesting. I definitely would give it a read!

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