'Top Gear' Proves To Be a Wild Ride

Five different model toy cars

The second season to the twenty-second season of “Top Gear” spanned from 2003-2014 and included “the Grand Tour,” which started from 2016 to present day.

What these two shows have in common are hosts: Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond.

They’re essentially car journalists that present “Top Gear” and “the Grand Tour” for the mainstream media, who are consumers, to help them decide on what car they want to get.

These three do car reviews mostly to show off the elegance of cars they’ve been asked to review, especially if the car was new when the episode came out.

What Clarkson, Hammond and May do on the side are races around the world. They need to get from point A to point B for a certain race in a specific country. 

One of the races I’ve enjoyed by those three was the race when Clarkson was using a Ford GT while May and Hammond had to use public transportation to get to Niagara Falls.

The other race I enjoyed from those three was when they were doing a cross-transportation race with one of their race car drivers, the Stig, around London. Clarkson was using a boat to go around the River Thames, Hammond was riding a bicycle, May was driving a car, and the Stig was using the London Underground.

Clarkson likes his speed and power when it comes to any form of vehicle, whether it’s by car or boat, to win a race against May and Hammond.

Hammond likes American muscle cars like the Dodge Challenger, camping in the middle of nowhere when May and Clarkson don't want to, and he loves American pickup trucks.

May likes to take his time on his adventures with Hammond and Clarkson and tries to be as precise and perfect as possible when building things or driving a car. This is why Clarkson calls May “Captain Slow.”

One of my favorite adventures by this trio was when they were going on to find the source of the Nile River. Clarkson, May and Hammond had to steal car parts from each other as well as ruin the conditions of each other’s station wagons that they were living in.

Another one of my favorite adventures from them was when they used muscle cars to go across a couple states in the U.S. and make it to the Bonneville Salt Flats. There was a moment in that adventure when the theme song of “Top Gear” was playing on the radio, and I was laughing along with Clarkson when that happened.

The guys also interview celebrities on their show about what was going on during the time of an episode’s filming. The two celebrities that go on either show race each other and try to compete with other celebrities that have previously been on the show to see who got the better time on the racetrack. That didn’t happen during the first season of “the Grand Tour” due to copyright disputes with the British Broadcasting Company at the time.

They also have a race car driver use a certain car around a test track to test how fast it goes, new or old. One of the Stigs, which was played by Ben Collins, had unmatchable speed to the other race car drivers Clarkson, Hammond and May hired for their car show.

What Clarkson, Hammond and May like to make fun of a country in a comedic way, but some people in some countries took their jokes seriously and banned them from visiting for a while. Once the lawsuit cases are settled, the trio might or will be able to visit the country again.

I love Clarkson, Hammond and May. They’ve been British icons and global celebrities for two decades now, and they’re still going on, as long as their bodies can handle the hijinks that happen on “Top Gear” and “the Grand Tour.” Both shows are primarily car shows where the three of them travel around the world, goof off and have some fun on the side. You should watch both shows with these three hosts when you have the chance if you love British humor. 

You can find both “Top Gear” and “the Grand Tour” on Amazon Prime Video.

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