Kentrell Gaulden, also known as YoungBoy Never Broke Again, or NBA YoungBoy, is recognized as one of the top rappers of our generation. NBA YoungBoy has many accolades, including multiple top hits, awards and even the YouTube crown. Every time NBA YoungBoy comes on a track, he never lets his fans down.

AI YoungBoy 2 was released on Oct. 11, 2019, and it is the sequel to AI YoungBoy. With 18 songs spanning 55 minutes, NBA YoungBoy brings a variety of emotion to this album. There are moments where he is excited and joyful; he flows on the beat well. There are also times when he is speaking about how some people did him wrong. I see music as a cure for many of my problems; I don’t go to therapy, but I feel like listening to NBA YoungBoy is my equivalent to that. In this review, I will give my top three songs, and then a general overview of the album.

One of the top songs on the album is “Ranada.” In general, I don’t know whether or not “Ranada” is a real person. However, at the end of the day, it is a symbol of a woman. “Ranada” is not about killing at all; it is a “learning to a love” song. I love “Ranada” because the beat is absolutely insane. NBA YoungBoy flows on the track as he talks about how Ranada will always be there for him. The lyric throughout the chorus, “She a real rough rider,” implies that the woman he is singing about knows she will go through a lot and still holds him down. NBA YoungBoy is a street person of status, so anyone around him will always have unnecessary drama.

Another song that is on the top of the list is “Seeming Like It.” This is another song where NBA YoungBoy is “in his bag.” The song is not about a female specifically, but it is about all his problems. NBA YoungBoy speaks on how he tries to cope with all of his problems, but nothing seems to work out. I can relate to that in many ways because there are many issues that I have that only I know. NBA YoungBoy speaking out on his own and rapping about it brings more awareness to the situation. Listening to NBA YoungBoy is a form of therapy for me, especially with a song like that. When an artist is spilling out his or her emotion and it relates to you, the music feels more relaxing.

My last pick (in this very hard to pick top 3) goes to “Head Blown.” If the title of the song itself isn’t self-explanatory, I don’t know what is. Yes, it is a song about violence. However, this is a great hype song. There are multiple subjects he touches on, but the main point is this: if you run up, you will get done up. I love this song because NBA YoungBoy shows that he is still that guy at the end of the day. My friends and I love this song and get turned up every time it comes on the aux.

There are many opinions on NBA YoungBoy’s music. However, one of the biggest claims is that he makes the same songs over and over. That is simply not true. When people say this, they refer to his raps about murder, drugs and violence, which is not the case with every song. AI YoungBoy 2 offers a variety of themes and emotions that Kentrell expresses in his music. Bias aside, I would give the album a 9.8/10. My only complaint being that 18 songs was not enough; he should have kept going.

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