Red Robin Tackles Health and Safety

The exterior of a Red Robin restaurant

During the pandemic, people staying safe and taking precautions is important to me. I went to the restaurant Red Robin, which is attached to the East Brunswick Square Mall, on April 3, and I was pleased with how safe the restaurant was. They took the necessary precautions to allow their customers to feel as comfortable as possible during the pandemic. 

Before I entered the building, Red Robin had signs saying everyone must wear a mask to be seated. I can’t wear a mask while eating, but I thought it was good to have customers do this. Red Robin also blocked off their entrance connecting them to the mall, so there is only one entrance for them to monitor and make sure people are wearing a mask.

Red Robin also set up Plexiglas between each booth to help prevent the spread. They had people sit in every other booth as well, so people had space while eating. The staff there had taken out the middle row of tables, so the tables were six feet from the booths. They took out more tables beside the middle row to make sure every table was six feet apart for the one side of the restaurant. On the other side of the restaurant, it was harder to separate the tables because they ran out of room in the back, from what I could assume. They placed different groups of customers six feet apart; no one was sitting right next to an occupied table, and there was always space between every group of people. It helps that most people are not going out to restaurants, which makes it easier for Red Robin to do this. 

The staff was always wearing a mask, and not a single employee took their mask off. Each server wore gloves too throughout their shift to help prevent the spread. The server also asked my friend and I if we wanted an actual menu or to use our phones to scan the QR code sticker on the table to virtually look at the menu. I appreciated this option because I had no idea if they cleaned the physical menus, since I don’t see it. If they brought you any ketchup or other sauce, it was in a to-go cup with a lid to prevent contamination. The silverware was placed in it’s own paper to ensure it got to the customer right after it was washed, so it didn’t get any germs from the kitchen.

I did not see the employees clean my table specifically, but I saw them clean a table as soon as someone left; they didn’t let the table stay dirty for even a few minutes. The waitress who cleaned the tables removed the dishes then wiped down the table and seats. Seeing that let me know they are keeping on top of staying clean. 

 Red Robin still had the tablets on each table, so customers can pay with a card. While cleaning the table, they cleaned the device as well, so when it was my time to pay, I didn’t have to worry about someone else’s germs all over the machine. 

Red Robin made me feel comfortable when I took off my mask and when the food arrived, and I feel that it is safe enough to eat there again. Red Robin never disappoints. 

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