Illustration of Turtwig, Chimchar, and Piplup

Illustration of Turtwig, Chimchar, and Piplup

“Pokemon Brilliant Diamond”(BD) and “Pokemon Shining Pearl” (SP) were released for the Nintendo Switch last month. “Pokemon” has been a long-running staple in the houses of children all over the world for the past couple of decades, and these “new” titles are a clear example of why the games have been so addicting and popular for so long.

These games cannot be considered brand new games as they are remakes of a previous generation of “Pokemon” games. These games were called “Pokemon Diamond” and “Pokemon Pearl,” which were released in 2006 for the Nintendo DS. Having put over 200 hours into the original “Pokemon Diamond,” I was quick to jump in line and purchase the remake to a generation of Pokemon games I grew up loving.

Taking place in the beloved Sinnoh Region, these new games attract the older players with promises of nostalgia and lure in new players who may not have been around during the original releases 15 years ago. The games’ concept always stays the same: catch all the pokemon, beat every other trainer and become the best there ever was. The simple concept and the beautiful chibi art style led to an easy and enjoyable playthrough. Getting to re-catch some Pokemon that I had grown up with in the original game, and going on brand new adventures with them, was a great way to bring back those memories I had when I was young. 

As technology advanced, Nintendo did a good job transitioning the 2D art style of the original games into the 3D art style that is now supported on the Nintendo Switch. However, other than the year it was released, the console it was released on, and the art style being updated, there are really no other differences made to the game. Long time developer of the “Pokemon” games, Game Freak, had done something quite unexpected and gave the helm for this generation of remakes to a relatively unheard of studio named ILCA. While Game Freak’s previous remakes to “Pokemon” games attempted to add something new, ILCA seemed to stay a little too faithful to the source material, not really adding anything new to the series with this remaster. So, if you were looking to relive the experiences of those Nintendo DS games on a newer console, this game is for you. However, don’t expect to see any mega evolutions or regional forms of “Pokemon” in your playthrough. 

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Inuka W

There were not many surprises in these two games in terms of storyline compared to previous versions. Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl tell the same story of a kid going on an adventure to catalog monsters before accidentally becoming the strongest fighter in the region and taking down an overt death cult. However, having the grand Underground, a cavern maze that, you can access anywhere in Sinnoh once you acquire an Explorer’s Kit was an exciting and fresh experience.

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