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Perth Amboy Poetry Slam

The Perth Amboy Center and The United Students of Perth Amboy Club hosts the Perth Amboy Poetry Slam via  Zoom on Nov. 17 from 7-8 p.m. to showcase students’ artistic talents. 

Audrey Davis-Dunning, the assistant director of Perth Amboy Center, said, “The poetry slam is a virtual event that has a very relaxed coffee-house feel. I usually begin by talking about the power of words and the impact it has on all of our lives. I then ask who would like to share their thoughts and/or poetry and it really begins to take on a life of its own after that. Last year, I was floored by the talent, emotion and social commentary that the students shared.”

 Davis-Dunning said, “This event is designed to showcase the talent of our students. I love the way they use words whether it's through poetry, song or rap. One amazing outcome that came from our last poetry slam was people sharing who their favorite poets were and why. It generated a really interesting discussion and made people eager to explore the works of the poets that were mentioned.” 

Richard Encarnacion, a Middlesex College student, said, “This sounds like an interesting event for students to be able to showcase their talent to their own peers and educators.” 

Davis-Dunning said, “This event is open to students, faculty and staff. You can attend the event without performing. This free event is a great stress reliever and great way to connect with other artists.  If you would like to share your work, please contact me at This is an artist-friendly event. You will be showered with love and appreciation for sharing your artistry with us.” 

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