The Library Creations Suite flyer and an open notebook

The Middlesex College Library is holding a “Make a 3D Object in Tinkercad” Workshop via Zoom on March 4 at 2 and 6 p.m. to help students create and edit 3D objects.

Middlesex College’s library services director, Marilyn Ochoa, said Neil Doscher, the College’s media arts and design tutor, will be presenting.

“He has years of experience with both 3D printers and the corresponding software needed to create three-dimensional art,” she said.

Ochoa said the session will cover how to navigate, a browser tool that allows students to create and edit 3D objects from various presets.

She said this will be useful to anyone who is interested in what 3D art and printing entails.

“While no major uses Tinkercad specifically, it is a very simplified version of other 3D software used in the media arts and design and gaming and animation majors,” Ochoa said.

She said there will be two sessions, one at 2 p.m. and one at 6 p.m., to provide alternate time slots for students who may not be able to attend one.

Ochoa also said there will be a recording of the session available for students who are unable to attend.

She said that the library chose this topic because the Library Services Creation Suite prioritizes new and evolving technology.

Ochoa said, “3D printers, while commercially available, are not exactly cheap. While our students study on campus, they should have the ability to access technologies and learn about them outside of a formal course. We aim to help introduce them to new technology and, perhaps, get them interested in learning more.”

Ochoa said she hopes students and faculty will attend.

“Beyond the practical applications of the technology, from medicine, to jewelry, to architecture, 3D printing is just plain enjoyable,” Ochoa said, “And Tinkercad is essentially a virtual 3D sandbox. Whether you continue to pursue an interest in the subject after the fact is up to you, but should you attend the workshop, you will have a good time, will learn something new and, hopefully, you’ll create something new as well.”

Rohan Dave, a Middlesex College student, said he was looking forward to attending.

“I think this is an interesting topic and skill to learn because these types of tools are the product of a new modern world and to attend such a workshop will be a good opportunity to increase our knowledge,” said Dave.

Jada Davis, a Middlesex College student, said she thought this seminar sounded very interesting.

Davis said, “As a graphic designer, learning a software for 3D design would be extremely useful and classes like these are often not accessible for others. I would consider attending this course to expand my editing expertise and to try…something different.”

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