Gleam Toothbrush Leaves You Gleaming

Packaged Gleam toothbrush with triple A batteries

Recently, I’ve had trouble finding an efficient, long-lasting toothbrush. I didn’t want to use manual toothbrushes anymore because I felt I needed something with more power, or it could have been my laziness. Regardless, I switched to an electric one. It was a good choice, but I wasn’t a fan of the bulkiness. It was also battery-operated, which I didn't mind, but changing the batteries out was always a hassle with this specific toothbrush. 

However, I came across these aesthetically pleasing toothbrushes with the word ‘Gleam’ on the package at Wegmans. They were lined up in an array of colors from grey, black, white, lavender and mint. It quickly caught my attention. Even though it was aesthetically pleasing, I did not want to buy it for that reason alone. Thus, I quickly took out my phone and googled the reviews. I found it had 4.3 stars on and 4.6 stars on Amazon. 

While taking a second to look online, I noticed I could buy this toothbrush for $16.75 on Amazon. Although buying it from Wegmans was a few dollars extra, I purchased it anyway because the batteries of my old toothbrush went out. 

I purchased the black Gleam toothbrush because black always has an elegant look to it. While browsing the internet, I found out that they also have a rechargeable one which I wasn't aware of when I purchased the electric one that takes triple A batteries. Regardless, I am still happy with my decision because the rechargeable one goes for about $50, and I didn’t want to spend that much.  

Back in December, I went to see my dentist for a cleaning. Every time I go to my dentist, she always sends me off with a new manual toothbrush. She gives me kids toothbrushes because she said a smaller head works best for my teeth. Gleam has that small head my dentist recommends, so I thought it was perfect to decide to purchase it. 

I also love this toothbrush because it's slim and has soft vibrating intervals to help with a better clean. It's also easy to change the batteries out and doesn't die quickly. 

Once the toothbrush’s head becomes old and overused, you don't have to get a whole new toothbrush. Gleam sells the replacement heads for about $10 when it's time for a new one. It also allows you to pause and resume your brushing cycle. 

My favorite part about the Gleam toothbrush is the travel case that came with it. An odd concern that I’ve always had was something gross happening to my toothbrush while I’m not in the bathroom. Living with my mother and brother, I always had this fear that while my mom was cleaning, she’d spray bleach or any cleaning product, and some would fall onto my toothbrush. Having a careless young brother, I would always wonder if it would mistakenly fall onto the floor, and he’d just pick it up and put it back. Every time I brushed my teeth, I would run my toothbrush under hot water for about 20 seconds. Now, although I have gotten accustomed to running it under hot water, I don't have to. I leave it in that oddly satisfying travel case all the time, and I love it. 

To purchase this toothbrush for the best price, I suggest getting it from Amazon. 


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