Ensemble Plans Spring Concert

The Dance Ensemble concert is normally held at the Performing Arts Center

Middlesex College’s Dance Ensemble is planning to film its spring concert on campus scheduled for late April. 

Aimee Mitacchione, a dance professor at Middlesex College, said that the MC Dance Ensemble is a performance group that strives to create a dance concert at the end of each semester. 

“We normally have our dance concert on the stage at the Performing Arts Center but we’re not doing that this semester,” she said. 

Mitacchione said that she plans to employ site-specific work, the act of performing in a place other than a theater, to continue social distancing and follow coronavirus (COVID-19) protocol. 

She said the MC Dance Ensemble will film their performances at outdoor locations on campus.

“Right now, what I’m in the middle of doing is investigating the history of Middlesex County College and what actually was in place before the College was there.We would...go through different sites of the College, with movement happening at those specific places serving as inspiration for creating a dance.” 

Mitacchione said that she already found some interesting historical events that could be turned into dances. 

Mitacchione said, “The campus used to be called Raritan Arsenal. It was a military base before it was the College. There was a lot of explosives that were stored in certain buildings on campus…One of the buildings called North Hall used to be the hospital.”

Mitacchione said that she was excited about this opportunity. 

“I think it would be really cool to highlight (the history of the College). You might have walked by a bench 200 times and now, all of a sudden, the dancers are doing a dance piece on this bench that was dedicated to a certain professor. We could do something that may reflect what they were, what their legacy was [or] what they taught,” she said. 

She said, “Hopefully, this comes together in a way I envision…I thought it would be really fantastic to highlight what our campus is all about.”

Clara Melvin, a MC student, said, “I think that’s an awesome idea.”

“It could be a way to introduce new students...to the performing arts program,” Melvin said.

Jada Davis, a MC student, said, “I think this is an amazing idea that will allow the dance program to finally perform on campus safely while showing new students all of the wonderful programs and experiences MC has to offer.” 

Virtual casting for the MC Dance Ensemble concluded on Feb. 8.  

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