‘Antisocial’ Proves To Be a Surprising Find

Cover of “Antisocial” by Jillian Blake

I am one of those people who will read anything. Anytime I buy a book, I never have the intention of buying anything specific. I usually just decide at the last minute that it sounds good, and I will give it a shot. When I went to the dollar store a couple of weeks ago, I had no intention of buying another book. Little did I know that I would pick up “Antisocial” by Jillian Blake, and it would be one of my new favorites.

I won’t lie, I bought the book because the title almost felt like it was written for me. After reading the back cover, I learned that the main character, Anna, has severe social anxiety, and something happens when all of her secrets get leaked. I thought that was what the book was about, but I didn’t realize that every person in the school had their secrets leaked. As I read and realized what I was in for, I got more and more into the story. 

I love that this book shows the dangers of social media and technology. When the school app gets hacked and all the students' secrets get out, it shows everyone how important it is to make sure that you are careful about what you say. Not only is it referring to social media, but it shows the importance of being cautious with your search history, and even what you say when you are texting your friends.

I also liked how this book showed that everyone had skeletons in their closet, no matter who they are. Even the people who seem like they have perfect lives are hiding something, and it provides the reader with an insight on authenticity and being aware that we are all a lot more similar than we realize.

The story also discusses some serious issues. It talks about bullying, suicide, abuse, abortions, eating disorders and social anxiety. With this, not only does it show the social anxiety that the main character faces, but also the social anxiety the popular male character faces. This helps show that we all have issues we have to deal with, and sheds a light on mental illnesses that men face too. 

           This book took many twists and turns. I am usually a person who is pretty good at predicting what is going to happen in a story, but this one completely took me off guard. I had no idea about the twists that were going to happen until right before they did. Knowing that I was going to be in for a surprise, made me so excited to read it.

I liked this book as much as I did, not only because of the topics they discussed but also because of the story’s resolution. After everyone’s secrets were released, many relationships fell apart because there was so much backstabbing and trust was broken. Instead of the author focusing on the main characters learning to trust one another again, she had the characters learn that the issue did not lie within what they were saying about each other, but what they were choosing to focus on. It made the reader think about how your thoughts truly are what you choose to give attention to. This attention is something that can either make or break a person, and I think it is an important lesson for us all to learn. 

Sometimes buying new books can be a little on the expensive side, especially if you read them as much as I do. However, a lot of the best books that I have read recently have been from the dollar store, and many of them surprised me. Next time you need something new to read, I suggest going to the dollar store instead of the bookstore. You might be pleasantly surprised at what you find.

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