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Art is the Best Form of Expressing Yourself

By Bridget Quimby
 Managing Editor 

Writing and painting are some of the best forms of self-expression. There is nothing like
owning a piece of paper and getting so caught up in the moment that the pages practically write
themselves. Each thought that crosses your mind can be written and described in fine-point
detail. However, like anything in life, there is progression in writing.

At first, you may misspell words or have a vocabulary level that compares to the wrapper
of a Tootsie Roll. But, as time passes, you become wiser by memorizing synonyms and paying
attention to grammar and punctuation, which improves your overall style of writing. I believe
that a strong writer has to have an intense understanding of themselves before the pen ever
touches that faded, blue line.

Similarly, a strong writer must have a grasp on the principles of
grammar and proper sentence structure. Pour your feelings into your writing, whether it’s a
poem, college essay or even an email – your words should always reflect you.

A good writer has the ability to teleport the reader to the same setting and mood that the
writer was in when they created the piece. Using key factors, such as imagery, goes a long way
in getting a point across to a reader.

On the other hand, you might not always be able to put the feelings you have into words
as you stare into the veins of your notebook. That is when the canvas and brushes invite you to a
place where you can be free. There are not many things on this planet that allow boundless
creativity flow in the way that painting does.

Painting opens doors to a new level of creativity
you never knew you had. A lot of people think that their paintings aren’t good enough, but that is
the biggest misconception in creating any form of art. Your art should be exactly the way that
you make it, there are no such things as a mistake in visual art. Mistakes and character are what
makes art, art.

Some instrumental music and warm candles will help strike your desire to live in the
moment. Letting the brush navigate its way over the grooves of a blank canvas helps to unwind
and relieve any built-up stress. Expression of opinions and views can be portrayed through
paintings that are then shared with the world.

No matter what kind of art you create, as long as you’re always your raw and true self in the process, the results are beautiful.

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