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Anime Series Tells Heartfelt Story

By Trinity Nunez Grant, Staff Writer

February is often represented by the love holiday, Valentine’s Day. This month, there are many people searching for romantic TV shows, books and movies. For anyone interested in anime, there are many romantic shows. However, “March Comes in Like a Lion” stands out. 

“March Comes in Like a Lion” is full of love, but not the kind found in the average romantic comedy. The show revolves around a 17-year-old boy named Rei Kirishima who feels lonely . Unlike most kids his age, Rei is a shogi (Japanese chess) prodigy. He plays professionally to keep a roof over his head and provide for himself. Rei’s life is drastically changed for the better when he meets three kind sisters. The sisters and the rest of the cast offer Rei love, compassion and kindness. Rei believes no one cares about him, but the sisters show him he is loved. The connections Rei forms with the sisters throughout the story makes him realize the value of his other relationships, such as his bond with his childhood rival and  his adoptive father. Part of the journey is watching Rei change from a struggling individual to a happy and expressive teenager enjoying his youth. The sisters also add a cute and humorous aspect to the show, thanks to their energetic and sweet personalities. 

However, despite the cute art style, the show discusses powerful issues. Overcoming adversity is a prominent theme in the show. Every character in the show is battling something. The animation is beautiful. The accompanying soundtrack is engaging. The show offers various lessons, including that our connections with people are a fundamental part of life and something to be grateful for.

I recommend “March Comes in Like a Lion” to anyone interested in anime. Netflix offers the series in both English and Japanese.

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