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Disney Cruise is Fun

Chris Place

Managing Editor


“Please welcome the Place family” is the first thing I hear as my family and I finally enter the cruise ship. All that keeps going through my head is “Thank God vacation is finally here.” As we enter the ship, we head straight to the elevator so we can get to our rooms as soon as possible. When we get to the elevator there are mobs of families waiting to go up. I almost feel like we should just carry our luggage up the stairs because it’s going to be a while before we get an open elevator.

Finally, we make it to our room. It literally feels like you can’t move in here. There’s a bed right when you enter the room and then right next to the bed is the pull-out sofa. Past the sofa is the balcony, so there’s a little bit of space out there. I know we won’t be in the room very much, though, so I’m definitely not complaining.

A couple of hours later, we go to the top of the ship to watch it sail away as we get ready to have the best week of our lives.

The next day, I wake up and go look outside right away. We’re in the middle of the ocean and it’s pouring outside. I’m just wondering what in the world we are going to do today with it raining all day. We head upstairs to go straight to breakfast. It is a buffet and there is so much food to choose from. When I look down, I see hash browns, waffles, pancakes and so much more. Even though it’s pouring out this breakfast made the day start off well.

After going to a couple of shows on the ship, we head outside to check if it is still raining. Of course, the rain has only gotten worse. It’s completely pouring outside, and we feel like the whole first day is going to go to waste.

The next morning, when I wake up, it’s completely sunny with no clouds in sight. I already know we are going to have a great day. Right after breakfast, we head straight to the pool area. It is scorching hot outside, so I go straight to the pool to cool down. After I get out of the pool, I order a Pina colada. Then, I sit back on my chair and watch the movies playing on the big screen above the pool. This truly feels like vacation.

It’s finally time to get off the ship. The ship has pulled into St. Thomas. We make our way down the stairs. Of course, there is a long line to get off the ship like it’s Black Friday. Right when we get off the ship, we get on a bus that’s going to take us to the beach where we’re going to spend the day. On the ride there, I look around and everyone is taking pictures. The view is so amazing as we drive up these hills. You can see the buildings, water and even our cruise ship from where we are.

The driver parks at a high point of the island and everyone gets out to take pictures. We finally get to the beach and I am just ready to get into the water. This beach is more of a secluded beach, which means it will not be crowded at all. I know this is going to be another great day and I never want to leave.

After another great day at sea, we arrive at our last destination: Disney’s private island, Castaway Cay. This is my third time here, but I’m just as excited as the first time I came here.  My mom makes us stop to take a couple pictures in front of signs we’ve taken pictures with before. This just delays us from getting to the beach sooner. We set up on the beach near the slides because it’s the most fun area of the whole island.

The time is now 4:30 p.m. The ship is scheduled to leave at five o’clock. We always stay late to soak up every second of the cruise. We hear the lifeguards say, “The beach is now closed,” as we make our way back to the ship. Once we get into the shuttle, I look back at the island one more time because I know we won’t be back for a long time.

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