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Middlesex County College Informs Students about Classes Being Canceled

By Quo Vadis March 13, 2020

By Luke Lombardi, Staff Writer   Middlesex County College informed students about classes being canceled and moved online due to the pandemic known

College Invites Adjuncts to Faculty Day

By Madison Bara February 26, 2020

By Madison Bara, Section Editor The Council for Adjunct Faculty Development is hosting an Adjunct Faculty Development Day in West Hall, Parkview Room

Club Organizes Book Study With Juveniles

By Luke Lombardi February 19, 2020

Madison Bara + Harsh Godhani The Juvenile Justice Reform Club invites students interested in engaging in conversation with detained youths to join their

Retention Rates Climb; Graduation Rates Drag

By quovadis February 27, 2019

By Thomas Kozma, Staff Writer Interim President Mark McCormick, addressed retention and graduation rates at The Middlesex County College Foundation’s Board of Trustees meeting

Cupcakes for Charity, Class Collects Over $700 for Donations

By quovadis February 27, 2019

By Harsh Godhani, Managing Editor Crystal Quillen, a professor of psychology, and her social psychology class held a ‘Cupcake Wars’ contest in the College

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